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Our Story

Deeply Rooted Apparel was created in 2003 to bridge the need for creative expression with the desire to influence the younger generation. We started as a youth ministry, with Fashion as the tool used to connect with the youth, and quickly gained the interest of people of all ages as our selections expanded. 

Over the years, our designs have evolved to include life experiences and observations which have generated heartfelt sentiments to add to our collection...items with hints of humor, inspiration and encouragement expressed in our unique way. T-shirts are a staple in American Culture. In essence, they are used to express, support and inspire. We enjoy creating designs with bold statements and stylish appeal. With Faith as the foundation, we will maintain those same tenets which brought us to this journey: (1) To express ourselves freely; (2) design and select eye-catching, fashionable novelty items with the hopes of (3) evoking conversation and inspiration with others by being confident in their God given uniqueness and individuality.

Welcome to Deeply Rooted Apparel!!!