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Image of She's speaking - AKA

She's speaking - AKA

Especially for the AKA's. A slightly more refined version of the refreshing assertion given that evening on the Vice Presidential debate stage. I can envision you donning this tee accessorized with your beautiful pearls and a nice blazer with jeans or skirt. She's speaking.

Assertion and commanded respect never sounded so sweet as that moment during the 2020 Vice Presidential Debates which will never be forgotten. And just to be sure we do our part, this tee was designed in tribute to Vice President Elect, Kamala Harris. The first Woman of African and Indian descent to serve in the White House of the United States of America. We are proud of what this moment represents for young girls all over this country and look forward to her taking her well deserved position as Vice President in service to all Americans.

For the next four years, may they be reminded to show respect and give reverence to the woman at the helm. She has the floor. She's speaking.

Right Sleeve: Vice President, United States of America 2021 with small image of US flag

Tree logo added to back.

Image of She's speaking - AKA