Resilient AF Spiral Journal


I know, I know...We're pushin' it here...But a little truth won't hurt. We're Resilient AF! (We'll use All Faith, Always Flourishing, All Facts!) 

You know you need this. Think about all you've been through and bounced back from. They tried it. You endured it...overcame it...and came out shining like pure GOLD! Nothing can break you! You're RESILIENT AF!!! 

For some of us, the trusted pen and paper will never die. A good notebook can help you with motivation to take more notes, write down ideas, or list future dreams. This custom wire-bound notebook will be a great daily companion whenever you need to put your thoughts down on paper!

• Cardboard covers with soft-touch coating
• Wire-o binding
• 100 dotted pages
• Size: 5.25″ × 8.25″ (13 × 21 cm)
• Blank product sourced from the US

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